using Bega Farmers’ Tasty Natural Cheese Slices

Makes: 1 sandwich
(1 lunchbox serve = 1 monster sandwich depending on your child’s age and appetite)
Preparation time: 10 minutes


2 slices multigrain bread, crusts trimmed
1 tbsp hummus
30g shredded roast chicken
1 cos lettuce leaf
1 Bega Farmers’ Tasty Natural Cheese Slice
2 sliced rounds of cucumber
2 sliced rounds of carrot
1 blueberry, halved


  1. To create the monster sandwich take one slice of bread and cut out a rectangle shape near the bottom -this will be the mouth opening, set aside. Take the second slice of bread, spread with hummus and top with the roast chicken. Trim the lettuce leaf to resemble the monster’s spiky hair and arrange with 1cm of the ‘hair’ poking out the top. Place the remaining slice of bread on top
  2. Take the slice of Bega cheese and carefully cut in half. Use a knife to trim one half into spikey monster teeth. Place the remaining half in the sandwich. Carefully tuck the teeth under the bread mouth so the teeth are showing.
  3. Finally, arrange the eyes on your monster by lay­

Storage: wrap your assembled monster in plastic wrap to hold it together. Pack a small ice brick or frozen wa­ ter bottle in the lunch so it stays fresh until lunchtime.

Serving suggestion: pack the ‘Munchtime Monster’ sandwich with rainbow fruit skewers (two small skewers featuring a range of fruit such as melon and berries), a small tub of yoghurt and corn on the cob.


Thanks to One Handed Cooks to this great recipe.