Using Bega Farmers’ Tasty Natural Cheese Slices

Makes: 3 crackers
Preparation time: 2 minutes


6 wholemeal or multigrain crackers
1 Bega Farmers’ Tasty Natural Cheese Slice, cut evenly into three
¼ of an apple, cored and thinly sliced


  1. On one cracker, layer together a couple of slices of fresh apple and a third of the Bega cheese, before topping with remaining cracker.
  2. Repeat with remaining crackers, apple and cheese.
  3. Wrap in plastic to keep secure until lunchtime. Use an icebrick to keep everything cool. Mix it up next time and try tomato or avocado with cheese.

Hints & Tips:

  • Serve the cracker stack with a boiled egg, carrot sticks, fresh fruit salad, a Bega Stringer® and a glass of water.
  • These extra quick and easy cracker ‘sandwiches’ are a great way to provide variety. Choose multigrain or wholemeal crackers for a source of fibre.